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Beware of new Ledger phishing emails from myledgerlive

Read mbox file with mutt or Thunderbird

Bitcoin is trademarked. Is it really?

3D printed Bitcoin desk watcher

My reading stack with Miniflux/RSS & Pocket

My notes while learning Elixir

Let's learn some Elixir, again

5$/month Self Hosted VPN with WireGuard

Comments on are BACK

Put that in the URL, please

A retrospective of 100k yearly pageviews

Getting started with Mastodon

20 common 3D printing mistakes and how to solve them

About donations, free and paid content

Best affordable 3D printers under 500 dollars in 2021

Pair AirPods with Linux Ubuntu

From Mac to Linux

Experimenting with Webmention

2020 - A retrospective


How to convert Pandas Series column values to lowercase

GreeMta Madrid Green Sustainability challenge

Notes on 'Blogging for Business'

Node.js 15 is here

What is technical debt?

Indie makers and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Cleanup docker dangling images

Tracking HackerNews history in git

Test driving a HackerNews scraper with Node.js

How to make Polls with Plausible Analytics

Fix npm process killed during npm install

Communicating with Bangle.js Watch over BLE with Node.js

Top resources for Bangle.js Watch Development

How to fix xcode-select no developer tools found

Bangle watch as an accelerometer mouse

The High Privacy Cost of a “Free” Website

Show realtime visitors on your website with Plausible Analytics and CloudFlare Workers

Why privacy matters - Glenn Greenwald

Notes "Edward Snowden interviewed by Ron Paul"

Fast virtual scrolling with preact

Get things done for real

Notes on “I've got nothing to hide”

What is a retrospective?

Raspberry Pi as a local server for self hosting applications

'But I have nothing to hide.'

DIY IoT door monitor with ESP8266

Watermark images with montage (ImageMagick)

Simple Time-lapse with a Raspberry Pi

4 Most powerful Mini-PCs in 2020

Don't buy the AirPods Pro - Another Rattlegate story

Simple email trick to manage your newsletters

Techniques to improve SEO for a static website or blog

Made 13 Dollars with Brave and Basic Attention token

How to fix possible EventEmitter memory leak detected

Simple event tracking with Plausible Analytics

Notes on 'Marketing for Developers' -

How to solve Docker 'docker-credential-desktop not installed or not available in PATH'

How to solve Docker 'Incompatible CPU detected'

Get distinct field names of sub documents in MongoDB

Aggregations with sub-documents in MongoDB

Most valuable developer linux notebooks in 2020

Install Homeassistant on Raspberry Pi

Notes on "Code BEAM V 2020"

Solve Verdaccio EINTEGRITY error

Upgrading MongoDB 3.6 to 4.2 with brew

Upgrade HTTP requests with X-Forwarded-Proto Header in HAProxy

Authenticated uplinks with verdaccio

Testing in Node.js by example using the SOLID principles

Clean up Mac OS: How I freed 35GB of space

Fixing 431 Request Header Fields Too Large in Node.js

Setting up a Verdaccio npm registry

Privacy-friendly alternatives to popular services and tools

Elixir trick: start an Observer window with mix

Validate your RSS feed

Minimal dark mode with CSS and JavaScript

Using µcompress to dramatically optimize static assets

Ad blocking with Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole

Optional chaining in Node.js 14 and JavaScript

Nullish coalescing in Node.js 14 and JavaScript

Road to Elixir: Monitor Crypto assets

Resuming Elixir by self-hosting plausible analytics

How to exclude Google Analytics in your Cypress E2E tests

devblog: yet another static site generator, seriously

Preferred Visual Studio Code theme in 2020

Boring software development

Full list of Chromium Puppeteer flags and command line switches

How to solve Puppeteer Chrome Error ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT

How to connect puppeteer to a Proxy

How to solve: Please specify which branch you want to rebase against

Crawling a web site with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js

Ultimate web scraping with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js

Twitter OAuth Login with fastify and Node.js

How to create a Twitter application for user login with OAuth

Twitter OAuth Login by example with Node.js

Send a Telegram message with Darklang

First steps with Darklang

About Cloudflare's support for ccTLDs and gTLDs

Take a photo with raspistill on a Raspberry Pi

Simple .npmrc management

Twitter OAuth by example in Node.js

So Long, and Thanks for All the Veggies

Simplest Vanilla JavaScript static site blog search for Jekyll, Hugo, 11.ty

Minimal environments with dotenv and Node.js

Connect to MongoDB with monk in Node.js

Lazy loading images in 2020

Recover from failed lerna publish

The cleanest way to maintain connect / express middlewares in Node.js

Raspberry SSH over Wi-Fi not working


the color fe1

better web scraping with node.js

completed hacktoberfest 2019

my blogging stack in 2020

Run Cypress Integration Tests with GitHub Actions Workflow

AWS Lambda + S3 + ffmpeg = Timelapse

Simple telegram message with GitHub Actions

Preferred way of defining flags in bash

Deploy Eleventy site with Github Actions on AWS S3

Simple ad and trackers blocking with DNS

Build for a slow connection

Fun with single letter commands

Upgrade MongoDB 3 to 4 on Ubuntu

Get last non-empty cell value in a spreadsheet

How to fix Ansible error about "undefined variable"


Notes about Crash course in Machine Learning

Publishing org scoped npm packages with travis

my current blogging stack

Start an npm script with pm2

Make Anaconda executables available in your PATH (fish shell)

Using, Extract cumulative wallet size

clean android device storage

pm2 deploy fast

Using, aggregations, The Launch

Fix Python 2.7 issue on OSX: bad interpreter

Notes about Blockchain for Smart Communities

Easy rate limit with Promise.all and p-limit

Fix issue with Pandoc, MacOS Sierra and pdflatex / xelatex

Offloading my Inbox items to /discover

setup nginx as a reverse proxy with basic auth for an upstream

A story about npm publish / unpublish


Mapping historic market data

Building the new version of in the open

Keeping an eye on your Crypto-currency trades with Übersicht

Loop jekyll data directory files

My dotfiles

Prevent accidental quit of iTerm

how i deploy my site

how i build my site

npm package kata

Trying out Redash

Chaining and indenting after the return statement

How to read Hacker Newsletter

Use Simple-Jekyll-Search on your blog in these easy steps


Discourse first installation steps

I was at fosdem 2016 and it was awesome!

Forking is a commitment


Using a daily activity log

Elixir Plug order matters!

Jekyll new post script

Introduction to AngularJS

What Elixir and Angular have in common

Favor Viewmodel over $scope

Always $digest after you expect

How to invalidate AppCache

The simplest way to set vagrant default directory

Backup mongodb from a docker container to host

Conforming to protocols in JavaScript

Write a damn README

Functional JavaScript: Write your own negate/not function

About business value and confidence in legacy projects

Angular ui-router: define multiple states with same base url

Speed up your docker container by caching node_modules

How to make a pull request on GitHub from the command line

How to use morgan with node-simple-router

Start your coding kata the right way

Write your Protractor tests in Cucumber

How to zsh and hub auto completition

Debugging acceptance tests with Angular and Cucumber


Keep Docker container running

A list of Angular style guides

Angular: Filter already selected items from ng-options

How to configure Drone behind an nginx proxy on a subdomain

How to setup Drone CI on a DigitalOcean droplet

A practical workflow for resizing images with ImageMagick

DRY dependency injection in Angular with gulp-ng-annotate

A closer look at Angular's dependency injection

Updating dynamic fields and nested arrays in MongoDB

node and sudo: now kiss

Simplest Apache configuration for hosting multiple sites

Create a new Github repository from the command line

About vanity metrics and social media bullshit


Simple templating with regular expressions

Keep SSH connection alive

How to: Gzip compression of CSS and JS files on S3 with s3cmd

How to lazy load Disqus comments

Auto mount partition on Linux the easy way

Berlin - April 2013

Replace links in files with Regular Expressions


How to index a NTFS partition on Mac