Trying out Redash

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Today I installed redash with AWS EC2 and AWS SES, with the help of the official guide.

Take a look at the public dashboard that visualizes the current user count on my Redash instance!


The server runs on a t2.micro instance, backed by the Redash Ubuntu AMI.

I am using Amazon SES as the mail service.


Visualize Queries

To visualize something in Redash, you need a query.

And you execute a query on some data.

Fortunately, Redash has a default dataset (itself!) to play with, instead of hooking up an external data source.

Visualize Events

Create a new Query (/queries/new):

Let’s aggregate events by action and type of a Redash instance:

SELECT count(*) as times
    , action
    , object_type
FROM events
group by action, object_type
order by times desc

Use the following configuration to create a visualization:

Final result

You should end up with something like this:


It seems like a nice piece of software, my idea is to integrate Redash with mnesia to visualize things you saved in mnesia!

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕