Hi, I'm cri

I'm a professional Software Developer

Programming mainly in Node.js / JavaScript

Learning Elixir right now

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Popular blog posts

What apps I'm currently self-hosting

Published on

#self-hosting #docker 

Wanted to share what apps & services I'm currently self-hosting on my small Linode VPS


Using docker-compose, nginx and CloudFlare

Everything runs smoothly on a "Nanode" (Linode's version of a 5$/month VPS with 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1 CPU)

Learn Elixir - A study path

Published on

#elixir #elixirdash 

Below you can find resources for getting started with Elixir.

My reading stack with Miniflux/RSS & Pocket

Published on

#rss #open-source #self-hosting 

I want to outline the tools I use to consume textual content, and why it perfectly fits my needs.

Who knows, maybe this can be helpful for you too.

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