My name is Chris; cri for short

Software Developer

Italian, German & English speaking

Programming professionally since 2014

Blogging since 2012

DIY & IoT enthusiast

OSS on GitHub

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I really like the web, from the UI to the backend.

Nowadays I mainly get things done with JavaScript and Elixir.

Have solid experience with the Node.js runtime, and I am quite productive with vanilla-JS and various libraries and frameworks on the client-side, with or without TypeScript.

Worked on Phoenix backends, built event-driven software systems leveraging the BEAM with Elixir.

I also get things done in Kotlin and Python.

Had the opportunity to work with Java, Ruby (on Rails) and PHP too.

It was also very refreshing and I learned a ton when I experimented with Haskell (FP101 MOOC of Uni Delft), Elm and Go.


Work experience

2021 - 2023
Full Stack Software Developer

At Casavo, improving the housing experience, one digital step at a time. Learned hands-on about Domain-Driven Design, Event-Sourcing, mainly Elixir and TypeScript/React/GraphQL, Kotlin and Python.

2017 - 2020
Full Stack Software Developer

From 2017 until mid 2020 I worked at Wonderflow, a company based in Amsterdam/Trento, in the customer feedback field providing market-research analysis to businesses. One of the first hires, contributed to creating a solid development team and mentored others.

2014 - 2017
Agile Software Developer

Between 2014 and 2017 in XPeppers I adopted essential agile & eXtreme Programming practices. Learned to write maintainable software, collaborate with my team and ship valuable product increments to the customer.


Open-source has been a part of me since the very beginning.

My OSS can be found on my GitHub profile.

Coding in all kinds of tech fields that bring value to me, read IoT, Crypto, Bots, Apps, CLI utilities, Automation of all kinds.

In 2021 I was interested in web analytics and self-hosting.

That’s where Minimal analytics was born.

In April 2020 I made a fast static site generator and called it devblog

mega-scraper aims to be a simple website scraping tool with proxy support, request blocking and various optimizations.

In the field of IoT, I made a watering system with a raspberry pi, camera, temperature and moisture sensors. the communication was handled via telegram and interactive buttons.
With the help of a bot I can water, request a snapshot or video of the garden and a timelapse of the past days.
Most importantly this enables me to water my plants remotely and seeing their current state through an image sent on a private telegram channel.

In the past I have contributed in the following repos



Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕