I am an agile enthusiast, clean code connoisseur & testing aficionado

Italian, german & english speaking.

Email me at hey [at]

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ I want to think Leonardo Da Vinci said that.

Work experience

Previously Agile Developer at XPeppers (2014 - 2017).

The workplace where I learnt so much thanks to the great team that mentored me.

Worked with Node.js, JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, Redis, Cloud, Stats, DevOps, Automation, Scraping as a Full Stack Developer at Wonderflow (2017 - 2020).

Currently on “vacation”: Quit my job in summer 2020 to enjoy my time for 6/12 months.

Writing code as a passion

Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring and SOLID Principles are my special weapons to tame codebases.

Most of my OSS can be found on my github profile.

# Polyglot programmer

Probably wrote at least some JavaScript every day over the past six years

Depending on the weather outside, I refresh my little but solid Elixir skills

When I feel really bad, I console myself with some Haskell (completed the course FP101 at UNI Delft)

Had a chance to dabble with Python in the context of python notebooks when I was doing my first steps understanding what ML is

When I was doing Ruby I felt on top of the world

As a classic, Java, but I prefer to stay away from it

# Open-Source Projects

Coding in all kinds of tech fields that bring value to me, read IoT, Crypto, Bots, Apps, CLI utilities, Automation of all kinds.

My most recent project is mega-scraper: it aims to be a simple website scraping tool with proxy support, request blocking and various optimizations.

In April 2020 I made a fast static site generator and called it devblog

In the field of IoT I made a watering system with a raspberry pi, camera, temperature and moisture sensors. the communication is handled via telegram. with the help of a bot I can water, request a snapshot or video of the garden and a timelapse of the past days. most importantly this enables me to water my plants remotely and seeing their current state through an image sent on a private telegram channel.

Right now I am probably writing code for

You can support me on GitHub Sponsors

Regarding crypto, I launched in the summer of 2018 to satisfy my need to have all my balances and transactions on different crypto exchanges and wallet providers, in one single place: namely a spreadsheet. was a web application that wrote all your transactions and account details on a google spreadsheet. Supported exchanges were Coinbase, Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), Binance, Gatehub Wallet, IOTA Token, Ripple Wallet.

I made in 2014. it was a clean timer to help you to keep your focus.

I had to shut it down because of a trademark issue.

I write on this blog quite frequently.
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