About me


Italian, german & english speaking.



DIY & IoT enthusiast.

Email me at hey [at] cri.dev


Currently on “vacation”: Quit my job in summer 2020 to enjoy my time for a year or so.


Open-Source Projects

Open-source has been a part of me since the very beginning.

My OSS can be found on my github profile.

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Coding in all kinds of tech fields that bring value to me, read IoT, Crypto, Bots, Apps, CLI utilities, Automation of all kinds.

mega-scraper aims to be a simple website scraping tool with proxy support, request blocking and various optimizations.

In April 2020 I made a fast static site generator and called it devblog

In the field of IoT I made a watering system with a raspberry pi, camera, temperature and moisture sensors. the communication is handled via telegram. with the help of a bot I can water, request a snapshot or video of the garden and a timelapse of the past days. most importantly this enables me to water my plants remotely and seeing their current state through an image sent on a private telegram channel.

Right now I am probably writing code for

Polyglot programmer

Had the pleasure to work with the following programming languages

Past projects and SaaS

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