Things I use


iPad Pro M1 12.9" (blog post about how I program on it)

Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB

34" 21:9 Ultra-wide MSI Optix

Sandisk SSD 1TB

An Ikea ergonomic chair

Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer


Visual Studio Code (currently on the iPad via or Blink Shell + Raspberry Pi)

Visual Studio Code Server running on my Raspberry Pi

Ansible to provision servers and Raspberry Pi

Blink Shell for occasionally connecting to VSCode Server on the Pi

Safari and Brave Browser

Mac OS and Linux

Google Sheets

GitHub Codespaces


11ty for blogging and static sites



Syncthing + Möbius Sync for file synching across my home network

OctoPrint sometimes

Cura Slicer running on Raspberry Pi

Some services running on my Hetzner server

Uptime Kuma

Miniflux RSS reader

Wireguard VPN

Plausible and Minimal Analytics

various other things via Docker/compose + nginx reverse proxy


Samsonite Biz2go

Rolling Square inCharge Multi USB cable

UGreen 100W Charger

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕