Simplest Vanilla JavaScript static site blog search for Jekyll, Hugo, 11.ty

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After the Simple-Jekyll-Search experience I found a perhaps simpler way to do blog search without all the fuzz.

~ 50 lines of generic JavaScript will suffice.

What you need to set up in your HTML code is the following:

  • an <ul> or <ol> preferably, but it should work with any element, with the CSS class searchable applied
  • <li> items that represent searchable blog posts (in fact the whole innerText is used to look for search matches)

You can see it in action on /posts/.

Here is how I set up the HTML (a simple list of posts <li>):

<ol reversed class="searchable">
  <li class="post-item">
    <time datetime="2020-02-08" class="bg-black text-white">2020-02-08</time>
    <a href="/posts/2020-02-08-Simplest-Vanilla-JavaScript-static-site-blog-search-for-Jekyll,-Hugo,-11.ty-eleventy/" class="">
      Simplest Vanilla JavaScript static site blog search for Jekyll, Hugo, 11.ty

In my main.js file I use it this way, by making every .searchable list a searchable list:


Below you can find the full source code:

function makeSearchable ($searchable) {
  const $search = document.createElement('input')
  $search.setAttribute('class', 'searchable-input')
  $search.setAttribute('type', 'test')
  $search.setAttribute('placeholder', 'Search posts...')
  $search.onkeyup = handleSearchKeyUp
  $searchable.parentNode.insertBefore($search, $searchable)

  function handleSearchKeyUp (e) {
    const searchTerm =
    const searchRegExp = new RegExp(searchTerm.replace(' ', '.*'), 'i')
    const $searchableItems = $searchable.querySelectorAll('li') || []
    const postTitles =$searchableItems, $el => $el.innerText)
    const noMatch = postTitles.filter(t => searchRegExp.test(t)).length === 0

    let $noMatch = document.getElementById('no-match')

    if (noMatch) {
      if (!$noMatch) {
        $noMatch = document.createElement('div')
        $noMatch.setAttribute('id', 'no-match')
        $noMatch.innerText = 'No matches'
    } else {
      if ($noMatch) $searchable.removeChild($noMatch)

    $searchableItems.forEach(function ($postLi) {
      const show = noMatch || !searchTerm || searchRegExp.test($postLi.innerText)
      if (!show) {
        $ = 'none'
      } else {
        $ = 'list-item'

response to extreme gatsby configuration

this is a gatsy configuration for a blog search I recently found on twitter, from which I was blown away because it seemed soo much for the task to be done.

I’ve found things like IntersectionObserver, React.useMemo, useQueryParamState, React.useState, React.useEffect, navigator.clipboard.writeText, window.history.replaceState.

Some are good ideas, others, in my opinion, are a bit excessive.

What do you think?

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕