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2023-10-19 htmx and Alpine.js are actually pretty awesome 2023-10-17 ZenGPT: a simple ChapGPT alternative frontend 2023-10-16 Using pure functions as views (with htmx and alpine.js) 2023-10-08 Improving my tags using OpenAI's Chat completions API 2023-09-21 htmx is just too much 2023-05-03 Modern frontend apps with ES modules and import maps 2023-04-19 Node.js 20 is here 2023-03-25 How to add Node.js & npm to jekyll in GitHub Codespaces 2023-03-22 Programming on an iPad 2023-03-12 Update Node.js version on CloudFlare Pages


2022-10-22 Escaping the bullshit web 2022-07-14 Did an ES module migration, and it was okay


2021-07-14 7 Visual Studio Code extensions I regularly use 2021-06-07 queueMicrotask 2021-06-03 Experiment: Navigating the web with JavaScript disabled 2021-06-01 scroll-behaviour 2021-05-11 Simple Server-sent events example in Node.js/JavaScript 2021-04-06 Simple Static site/blog search in 14 Lines of JavaScript


2020-11-27 Node.js 15 is here 2020-11-06 Test driving a HackerNews scraper with Node.js 2020-11-05 How to make Polls with Plausible Analytics 2020-11-03 Communicating with Bangle.js Watch over BLE with Node.js 2020-10-20 Show realtime visitors on your website with Plausible Analytics and CloudFlare Workers 2020-10-12 Fast virtual scrolling with preact 2020-07-14 Simple event tracking with Plausible Analytics 2020-05-26 Authenticated uplinks with verdaccio 2020-05-20 Testing in Node.js by example using the SOLID principles 2020-05-18 Fixing 431 Request Header Fields Too Large in Node.js 2020-05-07 Minimal dark mode with CSS and JavaScript 2020-05-01 Optional chaining in Node.js 14 and JavaScript 2020-05-01 Nullish coalescing in Node.js 14 and JavaScript 2020-04-19 devblog: yet another static site generator, seriously 2020-03-30 How to connect puppeteer to a Proxy 2020-03-09 Crawling a web site with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js 2020-03-08 Ultimate web scraping with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js 2020-03-07 Twitter OAuth Login with fastify and Node.js 2020-03-05 Twitter OAuth Login by example with Node.js 2020-02-15 Twitter OAuth by example in Node.js 2020-02-08 Simplest Vanilla JavaScript static site blog search for Jekyll, Hugo, 11.ty 2020-02-08 Minimal environments with dotenv and Node.js 2020-02-08 Connect to MongoDB with monk in Node.js


2018-11-28 Publishing org scoped npm packages with travis 2018-10-18 Start an npm script with pm2 2018-07-03 pm2 deploy fast 2018-04-12 Easy rate limit with Promise.all and p-limit 2018-01-31 A story about npm publish / unpublish


2017-12-11 Mapping historic market data 2017-10-21 Building the new version of in the open 2017-03-22 npm package kata 2017-02-22 Chaining and indenting after the return statement 2017-02-05 Use Simple-Jekyll-Search on your blog in these easy steps


2015-08-12 How to invalidate AppCache 2015-07-04 Conforming to protocols in JavaScript 2015-05-09 Functional JavaScript: Write your own negate/not function 2015-03-06 Speed up your docker container by caching node_modules 2015-02-23 How to use morgan with node-simple-router


2014-01-19 node and sudo: now kiss


2013-10-12 Simple templating with regular expressions

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