Node.js 15 is here

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Node.js 15 has been released, with exciting changes and improvements!

In a nutshell

  • npm 7 supports workspaces (like we used to do it with yarn, lerna and other “monorepo tools”)
  • unhandledRejections now throw instead of just warn you
    • you can change alter this behavior with a flag, namely --unhandled-rejections set to throw or warn
  • experimental QUIC support (with flag --experimental-quic)
  • new ✨
    • logical assignment operators, like &&=, ||= and ??=
    • String.prototype.replaceAll - replaces all occurrences of a string with its replacement
    • Promise.any - returns the first fulfilled Promise
    • AggregateError - “The AggregateError object represents an error when several errors need to be wrapped in a single error”
    • AbortController - used to cancel a promise

Read more about it in more detail in the official release notes!

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕