htmx is just too much

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This morning I was reading through htmx’s docs.

At first, it caught my attention: declarative HTML, mentioning HATEOAS, HTTP header responses that trigger actions, WebSockets and SSE support.

Damn, not bad.

But then…

I was thinking, if I decide to give htmx a try, I will need to tailor my backend responses to the frontend.

Which admittedly gives you the flexibility to choose framework, library, or even bare http.

But at the same time I feel like similar concepts can be achieved, although using a totally different paradigm and programming language, namely via Phoenix LiveView.

It’s definitely not nearly comparable, but I can see some similarities.

So, this post is to say, in the future I’ll likely resort to Elixir and Phoenix for building projects.

update 2023-09-26

apparently, I got it totally wrong.

Just found this example, where they’re using Phoenix (without LiveView) and HTMX together:

Yes, you can do it. Doesn’t mean you should.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕