Bangle watch as an accelerometer mouse

Recently I got myself a treat: a Bangle.js Watch! ⌚️

It’s a pretty awesome, open-source watch based on Espruino and Node.js, and much more! 🤓

Read about my experiments here especially for creating a mouse-watch app with Node.js and Bluetooth Low Energy!

bangle watch

First of all, what is Bluetooth Low Energy?!

With Bluetooth 4.0+ you get BLE, which provides considerably reduced power consumption and lower cost Bluetooth connectivity.

Range is about the same as “classic” Bluetooth.

Read more about BLE 📚

Smart Watch

Bangle.js, aka Nodewatch is "The World’s first Open Source

Hackable Smart Watch"

Bangle.js is waterproof and AI enabled and comes with bluetooth low energy, GPS, a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and more! 🎸

Read more about the features, specs and ecosystem on

For documentation refer to

With the espruino npm package, I am able to discover BLE devices.

Here for example my Bangle.js Watch is discovered

espruino cli

To develop apps for it, I found a nifty npm package called create-bangle-app.

It worked, after a few adjustments.

Nevertheless, I used it to continually broadcast the Accell values over BLE.

So the watch sends x, y, z accel values over Bluetooth!


Connect to Bangle with Node.js

Then on the Node.js side, I have a script that discovers BLE devices and connects to the Bangle Watch.


To read the BLE message payload, I simply check if the contents look correct (an array of 3 numbers for x, y, z accel)

Once the new mouse position is calculated, I can use robotjs to move the mouse to the correct position:


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