Wanna learn something? Recreate it

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In the past few years I embraced the mantra “Wanna learn something? Recreate it”.

What do I mean by it?

Here some examples:

  1. I wanted to better understand how a static site generator (SSG) worked, so I created devblog, and even converted this very site to be compatible with it

  2. Are you easily stunned by charts, real-time updates, and perhaps crypto (oops, I said it)? Recreated (in part) the Coinbase Trading UI and that’s how I got into Elixir and landed my first job where I daily used Elixir. That’s fucking awesome, I think

  3. When in my team we were frequently using Trello, I had quite some fun creating libs around Trello that suited my personal needs

  4. At some point in my career I had to deal with scraping product reviews from popular shops, and do it reliably. After evaluating various techniques and tools, for some part of the scraping we were using mega-scraper and bull-dashboard

I learned the most by diving deep into a certain topic, almost like a maniac, and produced something as an output. If it’s public and dirty, no need to be ashamed.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕