Install Homeassistant on Raspberry Pi

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Last updated is the latest great tool I discovered, it’s simply a beautiful piece of technology.

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

I recommend installing the Hass OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD Card of at least 32GB.


Download the system image from here based on your Raspberry Pi model.

Flash the hassos_rpi4-4.8.img.gz using Balena Etcher.

Use the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 32bit image instead of the 64bit version

It’s as simple as selecting the Image (img.gz is fine, gets decompressed on the fly), select the volume (32GB+ SD Card or alternatively USB Stick) and click “Flash”.


Insert the SD Card and Connect the Pi to Ethernet.

Optionally, setup a CONFIG/network/my-network with your WiFi network conf in the hassos-boot partition of the SD Card


Boot up your Pi.

Wait until the installation finishes, it takes about 15-20’.

Refresh the main page at homeassistant.local:8123 and continue the setup of your Homeassistant user.


Once the main user is set up, you can install add-ons and personalize your Hass dashboard.

These are a few with which I’m experimenting:

  • AirCast (stream audio to your Chromecast from an iOS device)
  • Duck DNS (Dynamic DNS service to access your Hass dashboard outside of your home)
  • File Editor (browser-based file editor)
  • Hey Ada! (Privacy focused Voice assistant)
  • Mosquitto Broker
  • Spotify Connect (Play Spotify music on your Hass device)
  • Terminal & SSH (remote login through SSH via browser)


To install some, click on “Supervisor” in the sidebar and go to “Add-on Store”

Snapshot your system config

Once set up, installed and configured your favorite add-ons, it’s best to back up your configuration.


Next steps

Configure the Dashboard at your liking.

Personally I have to find out how to interact with MQTT, connect multiple Raspberry’s and let them communicate with each other.

I also want to see the Camera I have connected to my other Raspberry Pi Zero W and have a livestream of that on the Dashboard.

That’s all! Have fun

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