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Simple Time-lapse with a Raspberry Pi

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#raspberry #iot #hardware 

Time-lapses always fascinated me. So I wanted to create one on my own.

Had a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W catching dust, you can purchase one for ~ 25$ and the related Raspberry Pi Camera module for < 20$.

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Install Homeassistant on Raspberry Pi

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#raspberry #iot #homeassistant #automation is the latest great tool I discovered, it's simply a beautiful piece of technology.

Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

I recommend installing the Hass OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD Card of at least 32GB.

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Ad blocking with Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole

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#raspberry #adblocking 

Sick of ads on the Web, YouTube and other services?

Do you have a Raspberry Pi (4, 3, or even a Zero like me) laying around collecting dust and you want to make use of it?

Use it for ad-blocking in your home network and to finally browse the web, watch videos etc. without annoying ads.

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Take a photo with raspistill on a Raspberry Pi

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raspistill is the command line tool for capturing still photographs with the camera module.

Here you can find the official docs.

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