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Video: Why captchas are getting harder

CAPTCHA stands for

  • Completely
  • Automated
  • Public
  • Turing test to tell
  • Computers and
  • Humans
  • Apart

Invented by Luis Von Ahn in 2000, while solving a rising spam problem at Yahoo. Spam bots were creating thousands of fake accounts and Yahoo didn’t know how to solve this issue.

A test that a computer should not be able to pass, but should be able to grade.

Initially, based solely on warped text.

Then moved to image-based captcha.

Google acquired reCaptcha in 2009.

Machines were getting better and better and were solving even warped text captchas.

A new version of captcha was built based on images, to improve Google’s self-driving cars and Google Maps.

NoCaptcha and reCaptcha v3 tries to verify that you’re a human, based on your behaviour.

It’s well know that on the Web you’re being tracked. Thus companies can quite easily tell, based on your behaviour, whether you’re a human or not.

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