Get things done for real

Read about how I personally get things done.

I start with a blank piece of paper.

Fold it in half. You have two columns.

Divide these two columns further, by category / topic.

The categories I find useful for launching projects are:

  • marketing
  • content marketing
  • design
  • copy
  • code
  • launches
  • social

Put down whatever crosses your mind, at all times during the day, in the categories you have defined.

The idea is to have this weekly planning at your hands whenever you need it.


On a sheet of paper I can clearly scan and evaluate my next most important step to take.

Most important in terms of priority, which is up to you.

You have a perfect overview of the week.


Since it isn’t a Trello board or similar, on which you attach files, comment, tag and much more.

Of course it makes even more sense if you’re in a (distributed) team, for collaboration at work.

But for personal use, perfectly for side-projects, I find it’s pretty neat and functional.

You can also use it as a weekly journal for your project.

Limited space

On a sheet of paper you’re limited to the size of it, and your handwriting.

That’s it. For a week. For a sprint.

You cannot do that much more.

It reminds you also to chill out while brainstorming.

The flood of ideas you get needs to be first validated.

While writing down the next taks, you might already found a leaner way to achieve the same.

This to save precious space on the sheet of paper.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕