Send a Telegram message with Darklang

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In this example you can see how to emit a Worker event with Darklang.

Telegram endpoint /sendMessage

Using the endpoint messages.sendMessage you can simply send a message on Telegram by calling this endpoint via GET and the needed parameters in the query string.

The worker

The worker is named send_telegram_message and looks like this:

let chat_id = "YOUR_CHAT_ID"
let bot_token = "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN"
let url = "" ++ bot_token ++ "/sendMessage"
let query = {
              chat_id : chat_id
              text : event.text
              parse_mode : "HTML"
HttpClient::getv4 url query {}

Calling the worker

The worker is then called with and event body, which should contain the text to send via Telegram:

let event = {
              text: "Hello from Darklang"
let _ emit event "send_telegram_message"

This is how the worker looks like:

dark telegram

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕