Made 13 Dollars with Brave and Basic Attention token

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After using Brave for almost a year, I can extract some stats from its usage over time:

  • 152,906 trackers blocked
  • 2,26GB of bandwidth saved
  • “2,1 hours saved” (no clue how this is calculated)

But more importantly, I made some bucks!

In Brave browser you can opt-in to the Brave Rewards program, which enables a BAT (Basic Attention Token) Wallet where the funds will be stored.

Through the third-party service you can manage those funds and withdraw them.

I can’t say that the ads were very relevant all the time, but certainly more accurate to my interests than other ads showed on the Web.

Nevertheless, in the last year I managed to gather 13,5 $ (11,5 €)!


Not too bad. I didn’t expect much from BAT and Brave Rewards, but it’s still something.

Still better than the shady crypto faucets 😄

To learn more about Brave Rewards, visit

Are you using Brave?

Did you get something out of the Brave Rewards program?

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