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2023-04-20 Provisioning a Raspberry Pi with Ansible (and an iPad) 2023-03-25 How to add Node.js & npm to jekyll in GitHub Codespaces 2023-03-22 Programming on an iPad 2023-02-21 How I edit this site on an iPad


2021-10-28 Vex, a validation library in Elixir 2021-10-27 exploring the github cli 2021-04-15 Beware of Monero mining attack through GitHub Actions and malicious Pull requests 2021-04-13 Switching to CloudFlare Pages, from AWS S3 + CloudFlare DNS


2020-11-06 Tracking HackerNews history in git


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2017-03-30 My dotfiles


2014-01-05 Create a new Github repository from the command line

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