Comments on are BACK


Comments are back, and I’m curious to see if this can spark some interesting discussions and be worth the hassle of self-hosting the comments.

Ah yes, I’m self-hosting the commenting system using!

The interface is pretty slick, both on the admin and user-facing side.


The self-hosting procedure was super easy, except perhaps getting the email delivery to work on Linode and Sendgrid.

I tried Mailgun before but Linode (rightfully?) block common email delivery ports (25, 465, 587).

BUT you can get around that following a DNS verification procedure, which I tried but wasn’t successful.

So I switched to Sendgrid, which also allow to send emails through port 2525 and it worked like a charm.

So, +1 for Sendgrid, meh for Mailgun.

UI and moderation

This is what the Admin panel looks like:

commento admin

And on the user side

commento user

Every comment is moderated, since I allow anonymous comment and email login.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕