Voracious RSS

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A while ago I wrote about my RSS setup using Miniflux, and how I was using it to read the news from various sources.

Mostly subscribed to news sites (that have an RSS feed), some more niche blogs (finance etc.) and the HackerNews RSS feed.

But sometimes, depending on the week, I was not really reading the news, I was just collecting it and let it pile up.

I needed to focus on what is really important to me while reading the news and be more diligent about it.

Sometimes found myself with a pile of unread articles in my RSS reader which felt like an unsurmountable task.

I would then end up not reading anything at all and clearing the queue with my eyes closed.

This is a perfect example of collectors fallacy, collecting and collecting, for the sake of collecting and not for the sake of actually reading and acquiring knowledge.

I am done with that approach.

Essentially my approach was to take 30 minutes to an hour a day to read the news, and not let it pile up.

That’s the basic trick. Simple.

If I ever encountered an interesting article and saw it for the second day in a row, I would simply discard it.

As much as it “hurts” to discard an article, it is better to discard it and read something else, than to let it pile up and never read it.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕