About vanity metrics and social media bullshit

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Seeing that after having posted an article on Hackernews brings more than 5k visits feels really nice, you can’t argue about that with me.

I love that kind of feeling, maybe because I live in a small town and not in NY, where fame and big ass billboards are normal.
I love that feeling, even though just for a few hours, maybe minutes.

At the same time I don’t know what to do with that sparkle of ‘fame’. The same applies to Github stars, Twitter followers, likes and other vanity metrics.

These metrics are just numbers. What matters is if you did it for the ‘sparkle of fame’ or for a ‘good’ reason.

###Why writing such a shit post you ask?
Because I told myself to create an app over the winter break that could actually get some traction, in terms of users, ‘fame’, metrics.

Now the break is almost over, and I didn’t have/took the time to write the application I had in mind.

This leads to my realization that if you are writing an application for the sake of getting on the top ten of HN or similar, getting tons of visits, get more freaking followers, imo, is not a great idea. But maybe that’s just me.