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Introduction to AngularJS

Published on
#angularjs #javascript 

Angular is a JavaScript framework for creating modern web applications, which are inherently declarative, modular, with testability in mind.

Always $digest after you expect

Published on
#angularjs #javascript #testing 

Angular`s digest loop is like a baby: you need to take care of it and feed it well, or it will puke all over your nice shirt. Actually, it will probably, eventually do it anyway.

Angular: Filter already selected items from ng-options

Published on
#angularjs #javascript 

Let's say you have an array of things.

You want to provide to your user the ability to select two things from this array.

If you use the <select> tag you won't be able to select multiple options from this list unfortunately. You can either come up with a new directive that handles this, use somebody else's plugin, or roll your own Angular filter (probably for learning purposes).

A closer look at Angular's dependency injection

Published on
#angularjs #javascript 

Angular's DI in combination with lazy loading of dependencies is one of my favourite features of Angular.

I was fascinated about the simplified API that Angular provides to make DI happen and the ability to create testable, modular code out of the box.

Anyways we are here to look what's behind Angular's DI, so here we go.

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