Apple watch personal use cases

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Here I want to write down my personal use cases for the Apple watch.

View time as you please, together with other widgets, analogue, or plain vanilla digits.

To me the Apple watch is like an iPhone remote.

Quickly lookup information with Siri, start timers while cooking, etc.

You can check notifications, also respond to messages directly from the watch, play next/pause the currently playing media, etc.

Call and respond to calls is also pretty useful.

For what’s worth, it keeps me motivated to get out and close my daily activity rings.

Sleep tracking works pretty well. In conjunction with Focus mode, or better Sleep mode, during the night the watch shouldn’t cause any interupption or your sleep.

Keep track of stocks at a glance.

Pay on the go using your watch, also quickly access transportation tickets and such.

Use the Apple watch as a bedside/office clock.

Record important thoughts/conversations on the go.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕