Boring software development

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I want software development to be boring.

Excessive tools, libraries, new frameworks to try: this all is gorgeous and fascinating, but what about maintaining the current software and tools, think if they can be simplified (or even removed) and made boring.

You should feel comfortable and encouraged to add a new feature or to refactor current code (since there are important and exhaustive automatic tests and CI in place).


So simple to deliver new software and remove all the stress that you could do it even on Fridays and the weekend, from the beach, on your phone.

Trying our best to deliver quality software without all the usual hassle (regressions, failures, etc.),
to have more quality time to think about the product.

“… today’s programmers spend most of their time addressing essential complexity.”
No Silver Bullet

most of their time: sometimes we, programmers, take costly “shortcuts” and produce excessively complex & unmaintanable software, without learning from our mistakes.

Let’s try our best to create simple software, pipelines and practices for chill software development.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕