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How to test a function that works with time

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#javascript #nodejs #testing 

While building Minimal Analytics I had the need to test a function that was dependent on time.

In my case, the function returned the milliseconds until midnight.

Here is a simple way to test the function msUntilMidnight.

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Test driving a HackerNews scraper with Node.js

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#tdd #nodejs #testing #cleancode #refactoring #javascript 

This is a short summary of my experience while writing a simple HackerNews scraper.

As a pure exercise or kata if you want, I tried to apply Clean code, Refactoring and Testing priciples for this small npm module.

The task is simple:

Get the posts on the front page of and parse them.

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Validate your RSS feed

Published on
#rss #testing #CI #blogging 

Today a dear user made me aware that my RSS feed broke. There was a XML Parsing Error for

ASAP after work I checked the validity through and in fact there were some issues with it.

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Always $digest after you expect

Published on
#angularjs #javascript #testing 

Angular`s digest loop is like a baby: you need to take care of it and feed it well, or it will puke all over your nice shirt. Actually, it will probably, eventually do it anyway.

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