Beware of new Ledger phishing emails from myledgerlive

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Recently noticed a seemingly proper email from “Ledger” in my Inbox, and not in my spam.

Namely from the recipient “[email protected]”.

Sent via “”.

They include your email and full name “for the authenticity of this message”.

This is because you’ve been most likely subject to a recent breach of customer information on the Ledger service.

They claim that their “forensics team has found several problem with encryption protocol”.

Urging you to “proceed with the update” (read phishing attack).

Most likely this will be detected as spam in near future, but be aware of this phishing attack from “[email protected]”.

Never, never ever put your 24 words in an online form

Nobody legit will ever ask for your cold storage security passphrase

This is the email for completeness


Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕