Simple email trick to manage your newsletters

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Struggling with dozens of newsletters in your inbox? (or should I say “Imbox”? </troll>)

I use this super simple organizational trick / habit when signing up for newsletters.

Using an email alias

When I sign up to newsletters I always use the following email pattern:

[username][email protected]

Can’t remember if this was GMail-only or not, nevertheless it works with protonmail too for example.

Newsletter emails should be silent

Newsletters can be read with calm, a day / a week later and can still provide the same value.

I prefer to get notifications only for important things, and newsletter certainly don’t fall into that category.

So, I set up a filter on protonmail

protonmail filters

This filter takes every email with the before mentioned pattern ([username][email protected]) and puts it in the folder “News”.

This is how the filter looks like:

protonmail filters

The folder “News” is programmed to never send me a notification for incoming emails:

protonmail filters

This is how I reduce the newsletter-stress I was perceiving.

I am interested to know if you are experiencing a similar fatigue.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕