How many visitors block ads and web analytics?

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In the past month I tried to understand how many visitors on this very site are blocking the Plausible Analytics tracker script.

Here are my findings.


To validate my assumptions, I tracked visitors through a selfhosted Umami installation, as well as a personal Web Analytics project, Minimal Analytics

The idea is simple: A few people have some sort of Adblock installed (chrome extension, Brave browser, JS disabled, etc.)

Through a self-hosted installation of Web Analytics, and served from my domain, the adblockers shouldn’t be able to block those requests.


After roughly one month I gather some insights.

From 23rd April until 23rd May, these are the different results:

  • Plausible Analytics
    • 5868 unique visitors
    • 7333 pageviews
  • Umami
    • 7506 unique visitors
    • 9950 pageviews
  • Minimal Analytics
    • 8377 unique visitors
    • 9601 pageviews

All data is publicly available:

  • Plausible Analytics (discontinued subscription)
  • Umami (discontinued self-hosting)
  • Minimal Analytics (currently self-hosting)


Almost 25% of my visitors are blocking ads and tracker scripts.

I’ll probably discontinue Umami, and continue tracking with Plausible and Minimal Analytics

At some point I’ll decide if it’s worth only to use a self-hosted solution or not.

Update 2021/06/01

  • discontinued Umami
  • probably will discontinue Plausible too
  • considering to remove all analytics from this website

Update 2021/07/05

  • canceled Plausible Analytics subscription
  • continuing to track stats via Minimal Analytics

Update 2023/09/13

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕