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Tracking RSS subscriptions with UTM parameters

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#rss #analytics 

UTM parameters are used since the dawn of time to track marketing campaigns.

Can you use them to reduce dark/direct traffic and label RSS subscriptions?

A retrospective of 100k yearly pageviews

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#analytics #seo 


70k visitors / 100k pageviews (excluding those with analytics blockers installed) reached this very website in the last year.

How to make Polls with Plausible Analytics

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#plausible #analytics #privacy 

Plausible Analytics recently introduced Custom props for events (here the docs).

This was the perfect opportunity for me to implement an idea I had long time ago: (Privacy-friendly) Polls with Plausible Analytics!

The idea is to use Plausible's Custom props and hook them up to a simple poll component in JavaScript!

Let's get started 🚀

Simple event tracking with Plausible Analytics

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#javascript #analytics 

Do you want to know how users make use of your site? Which links they click most and what converts most?

From the official documentation you can trigger custom events via JS, by including a small utility function plausible:

window.plausible = window.plausible || function() { (window.plausible.q = window.plausible.q || []).push(arguments) }

Whenever you call plausible('...event...') you put a tracking event in a queue (window.plausible.q) and will be tracked.

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