Google domains / Squarespace transfer (using Porkbun and Cloudflare)

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Squarespace acquired Google Domains this year…

This is yet another reminder that Google services are ephemeral.

If you want to move away from Squarespace, and you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, this is the guide for you.

Consider this process might take a few days, so first of all: calm down, and most importantly prepare your wallet.
Because it’s going to cost you the renewal fee of your domain to transfer it away from Squarespace…

There’s actually only a few steps needed to get everything working properly.

First, login to Squarespace and select the domain you want to transfer.

Unlock it, by disabling the switch under “Domain lock”.

Click “Request a transfer code”, wait up to 24h to receive the transfer authorization code.

Once you received your authorization code, you can login to porkbun and open the “Transfer” domain page.

There you’ll see a form with the domain name you want to transfer and authorization code, enter both and submit.

Transfers can take about five days to complete, so go do your thing meanwhile.

I started the process on July 2nd and received a confirmation email from both squarespace and porkbun on July 7th.

porkbun dashboard

The nice thing about having a third party DNS provider is that your nameserver settings are automatically migrated to porkbun, and you can continue managing your DNS with Cloudflare, without any changes (and downtime) on porkbun or squarespace.

Once you receive the confirmation emails from both registrars, you’ll see that the domain will be marked as “Third-party” on the Squarespace dashboard.

squarspace dashboard

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