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A few months ago I announced that I am bringing back comments to this blog. I got a few comments, but I came to the conclusion that it's not worth it.
While scrolling through my GitHub feed I noticed a recent fork (5 hours ago) of a repo of mine. Nothing so weird so far. Out of curiosity I checked if the user wanted to make a decent PR and improve something in the code. The user in fact made a new commit on their fork and added a new file. A new GitHub action. Let me explain what happened.
Insieme a Fightbean e Matteo Cavucci abbiamo costruito il Lean Validation Playbook. Che cos'è? > The Lean Validation Playbook è una raccolta di metodi per testare idee e soluzioni legate alla creazione di prodotti digitali e affronta il lato operativo che manca a molte strategie di business. In questo post descrivo come abbiamo messo online un sito statico con 11ty e altri strumenti utilizzati per organizzare il lavoro.
Be it a filter for your dashboard, the date of an article, or a simple pagination number. Please, put that in the URL, ok?
Incredible! 70k visitors / 100k pageviews (excluding those with analytics blockers installed) reached this very website in the last year.

I hesitated to write this for a while.


Because it means talking about many failures.

And I’m just thinking about personal things: not even mentioning the political or healthcare landscape.

Achievements and things learned are small, but still noteworthy and I’m proud for trying my best.

This “2020 in review” will be in form of a retrospective, namely the 4 questions retrospective".

Here you can find my notes about the course "Blogging for business" by I highly recommend following the step by step course to convert your blogging from a waste of time to a source of potential customers and sales.