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Here I want to describe what I discovered regarding GenServer and their name registration across the BEAM. I'll touch on Process.register/2 and GenServer.start_link/3.
A charlist in Elixir is > a list of Unicode code points
Below you can find resources for getting started with Elixir.
What: Code BEAM V official website When: 2020/05/28 - 2020/05/29 Where: On the interwebz Schedule: code-beam-v#schedule
Yesterday I wanted to monitor the processes that my Elixir application was spawning. I knew there was something called Observer, but couldn't remember exactly how to do it. Taking a look at the doc, I found this debugging page that mentioned :observer.start(). The suggested usage was with iex -S mix and then running :observer.start() in the mix shell manually. I don't like manual things that much.
Let's try to monitor crypto assets through the Coinmarketcap API, with Elixir! Topics I want to explore in this exercise are: - Elixir Supervision trees - HTTP calls with Elixir (with HTTPoison) - TDD and Refactoring
As soon as Elixir was released a few years ago, I got into it and started learning and building things with it. Thanks to the help of some dear colleagues I had the opportunity to get valuable feedback and learn even more concepts about GenServers, the BEAM virtual machine, ETS and Erlang+Elixir in general. I also went to my first Erlang+Elixir conf, and had the chance & honour to meet Joe Armstrong, #rememberingjoe. On 2020/04/22, during quarantine, I decided to get back to Elixir (who knows: maybe even dabble with Erlang directly). I post-poned this too much now, it's time to get back to the distributed programming world. Without further ado, below my journey (in form of a daily journal) about learning more about Elixir (again), the BEAM, plausible analytics and things discovered along the way!
I ran into this gotcha today as I was playing with Plug of Elixir.