Notes "Edward Snowden interviewed by Ron Paul"

These are my notes about the Interview of Edward Snowden by Ron Paul at the Liberty Report.

Video can be found here on

Security, or Surveillance?

Surveillance is enabled by a lack of Security. Life becomes more free if you’re not observed, not recorded.

Privacy is what we used to call Liberty. At the same time we say “Privacy is dead”.

What is Liberty? The right to the “self”. It’s the ability to have something that’s yours, rather than society’s.

Liberty is freedom from permission.

Nothing to hide

The “Nothing to hide” argument originated in Nazi-Germany, in a Nazi-propaganda by Joseph Goebbels.

Privacy isn’t about something to hide, rather than something to protect.

The ability to be you, to have a thought and ideas for yourself (and share among those you trust).

If we don’t have privacy, we don’t have anything.

Value of freedom of speech comes from the possibility to decide what you believe and you want to say.

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

Saying “I don’t care about privacy, I have nothing to hide” is the same as saying “I don’t care about freedom of speech, I have nothing to say”.

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