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Manage multiple network connections in Manjaro (Wireguard VPN + Pi-hole)

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Found a way to easily connect and disconnect from a network in Manjaro.

The solution is having separate connections for your Wireguard VPN or Pi-hole instance, alongside your usual network you connect to.

5$/month Self Hosted VPN with WireGuard

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This will take you less than 5 minutes to get a private VPN on your own Ubuntu server.

How to make Polls with Plausible Analytics

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Plausible Analytics recently introduced Custom props for events (here the docs).

This was the perfect opportunity for me to implement an idea I had long time ago: (Privacy-friendly) Polls with Plausible Analytics!

The idea is to use Plausible's Custom props and hook them up to a simple poll component in JavaScript!

Let's get started 🚀

Why privacy matters - Glenn Greenwald

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My notes about the Ted X talk by Gleen Greenwald at Ted X Global 2014.

The recording of the talk can be found here on

Notes "Edward Snowden interviewed by Ron Paul"

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These are my notes about the Interview of Edward Snowden by Ron Paul at the Liberty Report.

Video can be found here on

Notes on “I've got nothing to hide”

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Recently I stumbled upon this paper about “I've Got Nothing to Hide” and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

Do yourself a favor and read it here

'But I have nothing to hide.'

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Some resources I found while researching the argument of "I have nothing to hide":

Privacy-friendly alternatives to popular services and tools

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privacy matters, and coherence costs


I tried to do a self-examination, reflecting on what matters to me about Privacy.

Being more aware of what you share while browsing the web comes with experience and can be seen as a journey.

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