I was at fosdem 2016 and it was awesome!

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I had a blast at this year’s FOSDEM.

I attended

Definitely the most interesting talk was the experience of reverse-engineering spotify system calls to
create an open source clone, all thanks Frida: a “dynamic instrumentation toolkit” that analyzes system calls
and give information about the closed-sourced library internals.

An equally interesting talk was the one about the current state of the art of configuration management,
and its’ future. Describing how easy to read DSLs’ are the perfect candidates for this job, with testability in mind,
and create and model your infrastructure with them.

Other things:

When I see stickers I definitely get a lil bit crazy…


If you want some, send me your address (if you trust me).

Bruxelles is a nasty place, like any other big city, but it has got frites and a nice athmosphere.

With two colleagues we rented an apartment with Airbnb, and it was a very pleasant experience!

apartment with airbnb
The host really made us feel at home!

tiago and joe and cri

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕