Write a damn README

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In my opinion a README should be a requirement for every project, be it open source, personal, or at work.

It’s the essential piece of information of a project.

If a project doesn’t have an exhaustive README, new people on the project may find themselves asking colleagues what the installation steps are, or even worse: search through the internal google sites wiki, or, god forbid, the journal!

Keeping a README up to date is such a simple procedure/practice, that it’s a shame to hear the sentence from time to time “ah the readme is not updated, you have to do …”

Are you a good boyscout or a happy, shitty coder?

Come on, we have the diligence to keep a README informational and simple to avoid others unnecessary headaches :)

(PS: I’m the first to say that it’s easy to criticise and to rant about things, but let’s try at least to write a damn readme)

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕