Google Sheets on iPad? More like 'Google Shiits' 💩

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If you ever needed to access your spreadsheets via web on an iPad, I feel you.

It’s quite a strategy game you have to play: you need to understand/feel how Google Sheets will lag in the next few seconds, so that you can optimize your next move, in foresight of the next lag while scrolling or changing cell - it’s also fun sometimes, for 10 seconds, then you would like to throw your iPad to the wall.

Just use the Google Sheets native application, right? It seriously sucks, lacks of functionality and it’s UX is weird to me. I simply don’t like it.

And besides, why shouldn’t I want to use the web version?

Also on my PC I always preferred the web version of things, I spend a lot of my time on the PC surfing the web anyway…

But I’m trying to justify myself here…

I’m hopeful that, like for some other things, we’ll be able to find a workaround/solution for sheets on the web too.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕