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A few months ago I announced that I am bringing back comments to this blog. I got a few comments, but I came to the conclusion that it's not worth it.
In the past month I tried to understand how many visitors on this very site are blocking the Plausible Analytics tracker script. Here are my findings.
Read more about my experience switching the static hosting for this very site. Namely from a combination of AWS S3 + CloudFlare, to only CloudFlare Pages. Will get into hiccups, overall experience and ease of use.
YES! Comments are back, and I'm curious to see if this can spark some interesting discussions and be worth the hassle of self-hosting the comments.
Incredible! 70k visitors / 100k pageviews (excluding those with analytics blockers installed) reached this very website in the last year.

I hesitated to write this for a while.


Because it means talking about many failures.

And I’m just thinking about personal things: not even mentioning the political or healthcare landscape.

Achievements and things learned are small, but still noteworthy and I’m proud for trying my best.

This “2020 in review” will be in form of a retrospective, namely the 4 questions retrospective".