ChatGPT practical use cases and examples

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Found this discussion on HackerNews about “How are you using GPT to be productive?” and thought it was interesting.

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now and have found it to be a great tool for getting things done.

ChatGPT has become an indispensable tool for many professionals in various fields. Its ability to understand natural language and provide accurate responses has made it a go-to resource for many tasks.

Below are some ways in which people are using ChatGPT to be productive.


ChatGPT is being used as a substitute for Stack Overflow in some cases. It can understand the context of the question and provide helpful responses. For example, someone can ask a question about a problem with Pandas, and ChatGPT can recognize the topic and provide relevant answers. It can also help with creative tasks such as coming up with ideas for lesson plans or overcoming writer’s block. ChatGPT has lowered the emotional-resistance barrier for doing creative tasks and improved the quality of output by providing creative ideas.

Reviewing Legal Documents

ChatGPT has also been used to review contracts and explain hard to parse legalese. It can quickly provide an overview of a given topic and guide people on where to delve deeper.

Accounting and Tax Advice

For billing international clients, ChatGPT has been helpful in providing accounting and tax advice. It has also been used to assist with visa applications.

Rapid Prototyping

ChatGPT has been used as a rapid prototyping tool for building prototypes for public APIs. Someone can ask for endpoints, find the endpoint they want, and then ask ChatGPT to code a request to the endpoint in a specific language. This saves time and reduces the setup required.


ChatGPT has been used as a thesaurus, providing options for words that mean a certain thing. It has also been used to brainstorm ideas, generate OpenAPI schemas, and explain code that is not understood.


ChatGPT can also be used to proofread emails and make suggestions based on the stated goal. It can also settle language/choice of words discussions by asking ChatGPT to reverse pitch understanding and then choosing the one that’s most aligned with the point being made.

Linux Commands

For Linux-y commands and explanations, ChatGPT has been helpful in finding the best way to remap keys in i3 or finding a file with specific content faster than using the ‘find’ command.

Overall, ChatGPT has become a second brain for many people, providing quick and accurate responses to a wide range of tasks. Its ability to understand natural language has made it a valuable tool for professionals in various fields, from coding and legal documents to accounting and tax advice. ChatGPT has drastically reduced the time and effort required to complete many tasks and has improved the quality of output. Its benefits are undeniable, and it is likely that more people will continue to adopt it as an essential tool in their work.

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