About Cloudflare's support for ccTLDs and gTLDs

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Today I stumbled upon this official doc by cloudflare stating the current TLD - Policies.

It is like finding a treasure for me because I was looking for an official list of supported domains on Cloudflare, since I own a few .cc, .ninja, .xyz domains.

cloudflare tld policies

.cc and .xyz are currently not supported (except for .ninja) as domains on Cloudflare.

The .cc (Cocos Islands) domain is part of the ccTLDs.

Short for Country code top-level domain.

.xyz on the other hand is part of the gTLDs, the generic top-level domains.


I am trying to move all my domains to Cloudflare, mainly from old purchases on namecheap and godaddy.

Cloudflare offers more than I could ask for, with smart caching, cdn, api (e.g. useful for purging the cache after a deploy), analytics, etc.

Here, have a slice of pizza 🍕