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Lazy loading images in 11ty/eleventy

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Here I want to show how you can create your own 11ty plugin.

Below I'm going to illustrate how to lazy load images using Eleventy plugins.

A retrospective of 100k yearly pageviews

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#analytics #seo 


70k visitors / 100k pageviews (excluding those with analytics blockers installed) reached this very website in the last year.

Techniques to improve SEO for a static website or blog

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To be found, you need to describe yourself well to computers

SEO is as important as a good mailing-list to reach your (potential) audience.

Over the past 10 years, I've made some mistakes and also took home some knowledge about SEO for blogs and websites.

Below I've compiled a list of techniques and code-snippets that I personally use (hint: view-source) to improve for organic website traffic and SEO.

To make your content more enjoyable by users (social media sharing, RSS, search results) and descriptive to machines (SEO).

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