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This is a short summary of what I learned while playing around with my Bangle.js Watch. I managed to - add an application to the Bangle.js (with create-bangle-app) - send accelerometer data over Bluetoot Low Energy - discover & connect to BLE devices with Node.js - read accelerometer data with Node.js (coming from the watch)
Recently I got myself a treat: a Bangle.js Watch! ⌚️ It's a pretty awesome, open-source watch based on Espruino and Node.js, and much more! 🤓 Read about my experiments here especially for creating a mouse-watch app with Node.js and Bluetooth Low Energy!
Using an ESP8266 for IoT projects makes me go fast while prototyping. The compact format is perfect for small DIY devices. Wi-Fi connectivity is built-in, and it's super affordable. > The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi microchip, with a full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability (wikipedia)
Time-lapses always fascinated me. So I wanted to create one on my own. Had a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W catching dust, you can purchase one for ~ 25$ and the related Raspberry Pi Camera module for < 20$.
2020-06-07 is the latest great tool I discovered, it's simply a beautiful piece of technology. > Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first I recommend installing the Hass OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD Card of at least 32GB.