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Recently experimented with vanilla JS and a basic Web Worker to set up a search for a static website (but not only). In this post I'll go through the basic idea, implementation and examples to set up a blog search for Eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll and other static-site generators.
Here I want to show how you can create your own 11ty plugin. Below I'm going to illustrate how to lazy load images using Eleventy plugins.
YES! Comments are back, and I'm curious to see if this can spark some interesting discussions and be worth the hassle of self-hosting the comments.
Here you can find my notes about the course "Blogging for business" by I highly recommend following the step by step course to convert your blogging from a waste of time to a source of potential customers and sales.
Today a dear user made me aware that my RSS feed broke. There was a XML Parsing Error for ASAP after work I checked the validity through and in fact there were some issues with it.
┬Ácompress is a lovely utility by WebReflection that compresses common static files. > A micro, all-in-one, compressor for common Web files Using it since commit ce0a9e on this very website, in my GitHub Actions workflow.
devblog is yet another lightweight static site generator. Although there are widely used SSG like 11ty (which this blog was previously based on), Jekyll (also previously used), GatsbyJS and many others, I wanted to get my hands dirty and understand how to make the process of building a static blog even simpler, if possible. Even simpler in the sense of "it does just what I need and nothing more". Install via npm i -g devblog or create a blog with a one-liner npx devblog init my-new-blog, cd my-new-blog and serve with npx http-server _site 8080. It's that easy. Rebuild the blog by running npx devblog (or npm i -g devblog and then just run devblog in the main directory) Continue reading my story of building devblog.