Privacy Policy


Using Plausible Analytics, privacy-friendly analytics for the web.

No cookies stored, fully GDPR compliant.

See the analytics data for yourself.


You can post a comment (anonymously or via email) to a blog post.

Please don’t abuse it.

Every comment is manually moderated by me.

The commenting system I use (and self-host) is Commento.

Commento has not, does not, and will not gather your personal information to sell to advertisers, third-party trackers, or other organisations. Neither do I.

If you want a comment to be removed, you can do it manually, or contact me at hey [at]

The data stored is the one you provide (optional email, comment itself), and

  • url to the post where the comment is written
  • a timestamp of the comment
  • When you log in, a cookie is stored to authenticate you on future visits

Just be nice in the comments, please.


Ads are served via Carbonads

Read more about what data Carbonads collects


On various blog posts I use free unsplash images.

CloudFlare is used as a CDN, DNS and SSL provider, and to prevent abuse.

CloudFlare itself stored a technical cookie.

Read more about the privacy of the _cfduid cookie.

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