Protonmail iOS team seems super reactive to user feedback

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Have been using Protonmail since 2020 I think, and it’s been a positive experience.

Recently I gave them some feedback and the team prompty implemented or solved the issue. Awesome!

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iPad second display issue

There was a strange quirk when opening the Protonmail app on the iPad main display.

Another window of Protonmail would pop-up, not scaled properly and without the ability to interact with it.

It was super strange, especially since opening the app from the main dipslay worked fine!

Customize toolbar

I had the need to quickly archive email once read, as part of my email workflow.

In the iOS app I needed to read the email, open a menu and the archive it.

Now you can quickly access the archive button from the toolbar via a button.


Awesome work, Protonmail iOS team!

Here, have a slice of pizza πŸ•