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Here I want to show how you can create your own 11ty plugin.

Below I’m going to illustrate how to lazy load images using Eleventy plugins.


The idea is the following:

In your markdown files you can freely use markdown images (via ![alt](img)).

In the generated html files, all your images will have the loading=lazy attribute applied so that the browser will lazy load them.

The plugin

It uses the npm dependency node-html-parser (install it via npm i -D node-html-parser)

The plugin can be easily installed in your .eleventy.js file via

eleventyConfig.addPlugin(lazyImages, {})

The lazyImages function looks like this:

function lazyImages (eleventyConfig, userOptions = {}) {
const {parse} = require('node-html-parser')

const options = {
name: 'lazy-images',

eleventyConfig.addTransform(options.extensions, (content, outputPath) => {
if (outputPath.endsWith('.html')) {
const root = parse(content);
const images = root.querySelectorAll('img');
images.forEach((img) => {
img.setAttribute('loading', 'lazy')
return root.toString()
return content;

In the output HTML files, you’ll find your images with the loading=lazy attribute applied.

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