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My iPad/iOS 17 wish list for 2024 2023-09-27 htmx is just too much 2023-09-21 Protonmail iOS team seems super reactive to user feedback 2023-09-19 Southworking 🇮🇹 2023-09-14 Wanna learn something? Recreate it 2023-09-03 Learning about Web Components 2023-08-25 Unblock single domain in AdGuard Home 2023-07-24 Airtag battery still low after replacing with new CR 2032 batteries 2023-07-08 Opinions on working fully remotely 2023-07-03 Favorite music while programming 2023-06-27 WebAuthn and Secure Payments Confirmation (SPC) 2023-06-15 About 1:1s 2023-06-09 Modern frontend apps with ES modules and import maps 2023-05-03 MiCA pizza e fichi 🇮🇹 2023-04-21 Provisioning a Raspberry Pi with Ansible (and an iPad) 2023-04-20 My impractical RSS reader in Google Sheets 2023-04-20 Node.js 20 is here 2023-04-19 How to add Node.js & npm to jekyll in GitHub Codespaces 2023-03-25 Self-hosting miniflux with docker and provisioning with Ansible 2023-03-25 ChatGPT practical use cases and examples 2023-03-25 Programming on an iPad 2023-03-22 Minimal Ansible Playbook to provision a server 2023-03-21 3D printing with an iPad, Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint 2023-03-17 Update Node.js version on CloudFlare Pages 2023-03-12 yubikey spare keys 2023-02-22 malicious chrome extension 2023-02-22 How I edit this site on an iPad 2023-02-21 'Being agile' vs 'Doing Agile' 2023-02-21 I cannot wait for the passwordless authentication future of the web 2023-02-10 How to become a better Software Developer 2023-02-02 OpenAI iOS Shortcut: Siri-like ChatGPT 2023-01-22 Artificial "intelligence" 2023-01-13 Voracious RSS 2022-12-27 Escaping the bullshit web 2022-10-22 minimal-analytics, one year later 2022-07-18 Did an ES module migration, and it was okay 2022-07-14 Self-hosting nitter with docker-compose and nginx 2022-07-12 Fix node command not found using nvm 2022-06-05 Screen Wake Lock API 2022-04-23 Elixir GenServer name registration 2022-04-08 Web Workers + search index = decent blog search 2022-04-07 Barcode Detection API 2022-03-10 Kernel.===/3 2022-03-04 WebTransport 2022-02-20 Productive macOS tricks 2022-01-18 elixir alias __module__ 2021-12-31 cons 2021-12-30 My Domain-Driven-Design study path 2021-12-27 Domain events in domain driven design 2021-12-27 Aggregates in domain driven design 2021-12-27

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