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This is what I mean with cumulative historic wallet size:


As you can see, it gives me a visualization of how my wallet changed over time and how various price changes, buys & sells influenced it.

Open spreadsheet

You can go to your Settings page on, and check the Google Sheets Section for the spreadsheet you configured:


Create a new Filtered Worksheet

As an example, we’ll choose LTC-EUR as the currency-pair and coinbase as the exchange.

Let’s give the new Worksheet a name: LTC-EUR-COINBASE - TRANSACTIONS


FILTER to the rescue

Well use the FILTER formula to filter transaction for a specific currency-pair and exchange

Define currency-pair and exchange filter

In cell A1 of the new sheet, enter the desired filter: ltc-eur-coinbase.

Context: As you can see in your TRANSACTIONS worksheet, in column C named currencyPairExchange, there lies the information to which currency-pair and exchange a transaction belongs to.


Copy transactions header columns

In cell A2 of the sheet, enter the following formula to copy the header columns:


It will result in the following:


Filter transactions

Finally, in cell A3 there is where the magic happens.

Enter =FILTER(TRANSACTIONS!A:M, TRANSACTIONS!C:C = $A$1) and you’ll be amazed.


Visualize historic cumulative wallet size and value

The results are good, but this is what we are after:


Define cumulative execSize and cumulative execPrice

We choose columns P2 and Q2 as the header rows for the cumulative calculations.


In cell P3 enter =SUM($G$3:$G3) and drag down.
In cell Q3 enter =P3*E3 and drag down.

And there you have the historic size of your wallet!

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