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I don’t know about you, but I always struggled with keeping track of my cryptocurrency assets that I have on different exchanges.

With the help of I am now able to get a realtime view of my account balances on different exchanges like GDAX, Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gatehub,

All on a single Google Spreadsheet, here is the proof:

cryptosheet accounts breakdown

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Get on board in 4 easy steps

Now I want to explain how you can do the same by signing up for!

  1. Create an account on

  2. Signup for a monthly subscription with Stripe, you can cancel whenever you want

  3. Create a Google Spreadsheet

  4. Provide the Access Keys for your preferred exchanges

Spreadsheet configuration

Once you set up the access keys and shared the Google spreadsheet, you can begin to aggregate the data.

On the ACCOUNTS worksheet, you can get easy access to the current account balances across exchanges and wallet providers.

Breakdown in new worksheet

Did you know that in spreadsheet formulas you can reference other worksheets? That’s exactly what you’re gonna need.

cryptosheet accounts example

Now follow these steps:

  • Create a new worksheet

  • copy the following text

"By exchange"
coinbase =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$A$2:$A, "*" & $A2 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
gdax =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$A$2:$A, "*" & $A3 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
blockio =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$A$2:$A, "*" & $A4 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
kraken =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$A$2:$A, "*" & $A5 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G) =SUM(B2:B5)

"By currencyPair"
ltc-eur =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$B$2:$B, "*" & $A9 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
eth-eur =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$B$2:$B, "*" & $A10 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
btc-eur =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$B$2:$B, "*" & $A11 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
bch-eur =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$B$2:$B, "*" & $A12 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G)
eur-eur =SUMIF(ACCOUNTS!$B$2:$B, "*" & $A13 & "*", ACCOUNTS!$G$2:$G) =SUM(B9:B13)

paste it into the new worksheet (you can use “Edit” > “Paste Special” > “Paste values only” in Google Sheets)

Here is GIF as a quick how-to:


This is one way to make use of the raw data provides you!

Signup today to get control over your cryptocurrency assets!