Hi, I'm cri

I'm a professional Software Developer

Programming mainly in Node.js / JavaScript

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From the blog

Self-hosting with nginx + docker-compose

Published on

#selfhosting #nginx #docker 

Self-hosting applications and services has never been easier.

Here I want to outline how I deploy and manage my self-hosted services on Linode with nginx, docker-compose and CloudFlare

Simple Server-sent events example in Node.js/JavaScript

Published on

#nodejs #javascript 

With Server-sent events you are able to send one-directional events to a web page.

Here is an example of how I used this functionality in Minimal Analytics

Lazy loading images in 11ty/eleventy

Published on

#javascript #eleventy #seo #blogging 

Here I want to show how you can create your own 11ty plugin.

Below I'm going to illustrate how to lazy load images using Eleventy plugins.

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